How It Works

KC Meal Co. Kansas City Meal Delivery



Who is KC Meal Co?  

Answered prayer?  Your new best friend?  

How about the most affordable meal delivery company in Kansas City!  

KC Meal Co delivers fantastic, gourmet, healthy meals to your doorstep on YOUR schedule.

How is KC Meal Co a good fit for me?

Do you want to eat healthy?  Of course you do!  Or you think you do.  Depends on your mood, schedule, and surroundings right?  We get that!  This isn't your chicken and veggie tray, BS!  Our variety is Top Notch Amazing and Healthy!  Whole foods/No preservatives.  It's time to kick boredom out the door!  Not possible?  Possible!  And throw that $5 tag on it, because we're here to save YOU Benjamins!  Click Here for Sample Menu.

Are Your Meals fresh?

Absolutely!  Everything we make is from scratch and freshly made!  For safety and longevity purposes, we flash freeze everything for front door delivery!  This protects the meal and helps it last longer for our customers who prefer Bi-Weekly shipments.  Simply let the meal thaw in the fridge 1-2 days before consumption, and you'll never know it was ever flash frozen.  It's a fantastic system designed to save you money and help recipes last past 3 days!

What Meal Program is BEST for me?

The Works!  It's the best meal program HANDS-DOWN!  If you only need 10 meals a week, you can set up Bi-Weekly Deliveries, or once a month, whatever floats your boat.  Your dollar goes furthest here!

Are your Meal Programs Recurring?

Sure, if you want them to be.  You save even more $$ that way!  If you prefer a 1x order here and there, that's totally fine too.  No commitments!  No contracts!  Unless you say so!

What day does my Meal Package arrive?

All meal deliveries take place on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY!  If you have a question about your delivery, scroll down to "contact us" and we'll be in touch ASAP!


Do you cater to dietary restrictions? 

We will work around No Pork, No Seafood, and No Beef preferences, but in order to stay at an amazing price, please reach out to us and we can refer you to our partners who are more accommodating, specializing in custom diets.